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Support Division

The detectives assigned to the Support Division are responsible for the follow-up investigations of crimes committed within the City of Bellevue. Many of the investigations assigned to this division come from cases which were initially investigated by uniformed patrol officers. Officers may forward investigations to one of three investigation units based upon the type of investigation, the need for extensive follow up, specialized training, or the need to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies.


The General Investigations Unit handles the widest variety of cases of any of the investigative units ranging from homicide to misdemeanor shoplifting.  Detectives are selected through an interview process and must demonstrate a mastery of basic patrol work before being accepted into the investigations bureau. Detectives work a variety of hours, but there is always at least one detective on-call 24-hours a day.

Detectives also participate in numerous metro area crime information groups along with officers from other area law enforcement agencies. In addition to normal case assignments, several detectives also have specialized training. One detective specializes in locating stolen property, and another is trained in the recovery of digital evidence and computer forensics. One of the detectives in the unit is also the polygraph operator for the department. In addition to his regular case load, he conducts polygraph examinations for the entire Operations Division, to include pre-employment examinations for potential new officers. Detectives are also trained in evidence recovery, and regularly respond to crime scenes to search for, and recover physical evidence.  One of the detectives in this unit is trained in Internet Crimes Against Children, (ICAC) which investigates on-line enticement of children.


Family Crimes Unit detectives have all been trained in and assist with general investigative duties, but have also developed specialized skills in their assigned field.  Detectives primarily investigate crimes against children in addition to domestic violence, stalking, protection order violations, and sexual assault cases.  While they are assigned cases from various outlets, the majority of their case load comes from reports called into the Nebraska Health and Human Services Hotline.   These detectives not only investigate criminal matters, but also work jointly with Child Protective Services to ensure that children are safe.  The Family Crimes Unit is also tasked with following up on and investigating elder abuse and missing person cases.


Detectives assigned to the Special Investigations Unit primarily investigate drug related offenses, gang activity, fugitives, weapons offenses, and other vice crimes such as prostitution and illegal gambling.  They also work closely with other local and federal law enforcement agencies, providing and receiving resources necessary to investigate these types of crimes.  Detectives from the Special Investigations Unit also serve as Task Force Officers assigned to the FBI, DEA, and U.S. Marshal Service. 


The Administrative Support Unit provides support to the police department in many areas and functions.

The Administrative Support Unit includes the following units and programs:

  • Code Enforcement Unit
  • Special Services Unit
  • Crime Prevention
  • School Resource Officers
  • Staff Inspections
  • Property and Evidence Management
  • Traffic Unit
  • Chaplains Program


Under the umbrella of the police department, the purpose of the Code Enforcement Unit is to enforce the city codes and zoning ordinances of the City of Bellevue and its zoning jurisdiction. Its primary function is the abatement of nuisances on private property which occur outside a structure. The Unit is also responsible for vehicles parked on public streets and private property that are abandoned or not properly registered.

Nuisances could include tall grass, weeds, or other worthless vegetation in excess of 12 inches long, auto parts, cars, appliances, trash, litter, animal waste, as well as the upkeep of fences and swimming pools and the fences around swimming pools.


The Special Services Unit was created in August 2012 out of the desire to have a specialized unit within the Police Department, which would focus on areas of the City which may be experiencing an issue with rising crime, traffic, and neighborhood issues.  The Unit consists of highly motivated Officers who have the ability to operate in all areas of the city in a crime suppression mode.


It has been over 10 years since the Bellevue Police Department placed its first police officer assigned to a public school. With the increased need for school safety and a police presence in our public schools the police department responded to the public’s demand. Today we have 5 School Resource Officers and a full-time supervisor assigned to manage the day-to-day needs within the schools.


The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the daily care and control of all property and evidence that comes into the custody of the Bellevue Police Department.  As the title indicates the Property and Evidence Unit receives, controls, manages and disposes of all of the evidence and found property that is confiscated, received, or recovered by the police department. In 2010, the section took in almost 9000 items of property and evidence.


The Police Traffic Unit’s function is to address those areas within the City that have shown historically or through citizen complaints to present a traffic related danger to public safety. Our traffic unit went into operation January 2010 when by a State Grant we were able to purchase 2 police cruisers and fund two officers wages. In addition, the traffic officers work in conjunction with two traffic officers from the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office and are given county wide arrest authority through an Inter Local Agreement with the Sheriff’s Office.


The Bellevue Police Chaplains are local clergy who volunteer to serve the department. These same chaplains also serve as members of the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office and the Bellevue Fire Department Chaplain Corps. Their primary responsibility is to provide counseling, support, and referrals to members of the public in times of crisis and to law enforcement personnel and their families upon request.